Welcome to the inaugural launch of the month long online integrative
conference on Mental Health and Chinese Medicine 

The IIMHC is set to host some of the world’s greatest speakers, health professionals, clinicians, lecturers and authors inspired to share with you their clinical knowledge and experience on working with people in the area of mental health and emotional trauma. 

The timing of this event couldn’t be any more relevant to what we as a global nation have endured privately and publicly. The unspoken pain and trauma of individual lives adding to the pre-existing trauma that many carry throughout life has certainly deepened the intensity of the emotional experience. 

The Theme of October's Month Long Event is...


Here's our Speaker Line Up...

We are releasing an EXCLUSIVE PRIVATE VIP SPECIAL OFFER early June. 

This special offer will not be released publicly and is ONLY available as a private INVITATION ONLY OFFER for those on the waiting list.

 In order to receive this private invitation offer, please put your details accurately below to make sure you receive our unique email with the invitation with more details and to redeem your VIP OFFER.

After we officially launch, the special invitation offer will expire and the regular ticket prices will be offered. 

So make sure you put your details below so you don't miss out.

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After you have submitted your details, you will be on the waitlist. Before the official launch you will receive an email with all the details of the SPECIAL VIP INVITATION OFFER and a link to view and access the offer.

Here's the tentative topic discussions for each of our speakers...

Each speaker will present a 2 hour LIVE presentation including Q&A.

Recordings will be available...

FEATURES of this Online Conference
Join from Anywhere
Around the World

You have the freedom to join, watch and learn from leading practitioners from the comfort of your own home. All you need is a good internet connection

Classical & Modern Integrative Education

Learn classical, integrative and the latest insights and knowledge on all things mental health and emotional wellbeing
Learn from World Class Practitioners

Our speakers are key persons of influence leading the field in the area of emotional health and mental wellbeing

Engagement and

The best way to engage with your favourite speakers, learn directly from them and ask questions

What's The VIP Waitlist About?
As the official launch of the International Integrative Mental Health online conference is not too far away, we wanted to make it a special launch by offering an incentive VIP Ticket Special to those on the waiting list.

Being on the waiting list will ensure you receive a VIP INVITATION for a pre-launch TICKET PRICE SPECIAL that will ONLY be offered to you and not at the official launch. 

There will be multiple ticket options available each with a set of features and advantages. 

However, for those on the wait list they will be GUARANTEED to have access to a SPECIAL ONLY TICKET AVAILABLE to them prior to official launch.

After you have submitted your details, you will be on the waitlist. Before the official launch you will receive an email with all the details of the SPECIAL VIP INVITATION OFFER and a link to view and access the offer.

Got Questions?

  •  What happens after I put my details down?

    You simply get on the waitlist. You will receive an initial email confirmation about 5-10mins after to let you know we have received your details.
    And then you will receive the full details of the special invitation offer soon after (around early June).
  • ​How long is the sessions?

    2 Hour LIVE Presentations per speaker including Q&A time
  • Will we get slides?

    Presentation slides will be provided.
  • Can I get recording access if I can't make the live sessions?

    Recording will be available for selected ticket types that will be available (time and duration will vary)
  • Is this going to give me CPD Certifications?

    This event will CPD certification by certain associations (more details to come)
  • Is it only online?

    Yes, you can watch this entire event at the comfort of your own home - this is an online event
  • How much is this event?

    If you have put your details down, you will be be the first to know when we release the PRIVATE INVITATION ONLY VIP offer. This ticket offer will be lower than the official launch ticket price
  • Will the speakers or times of sessions change?

    We have scheduled speakers on certain times and dates. However, on rare occasions things can come up and so dates and times may change and rarely a speaker(s) may have an unforeseen event that comes up preventing them from committing to the event. 

    If you're questions don't appear here, please email us at info@needlepro.com.au
Copyright 2021 IIMHC in association with NeedlePro Australia, All Rights Reserved
Disclaimer: Speakers, dates and times subject to change if due to unforseen circumstances. All attendees will be notified with notice and options to change registration choices. 
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